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Metso improves plant reliability and cyber security with the next version of PlantTriage version 13

Metso has announced a new version of its PlantTriage control loop monitoring software. The new features leverage Metso's expertise in control valves, smart positioners, and condition monitoring.

The PlantTriage software, based on ExperTune technology, monitors plant control loops 24 hours a day, diagnosing issues, and prioritizing opportunities for improvement. PlantTriage connects to any DCS that supports OPC connectivity; it also can be integrated with a plant historian for access to process data. With PlantTriage monitoring hundreds or thousands of control loops an engineer can focus their time and effort on solution implementation

The latest version of PlantTriage leverages Metso's knowledge of smart positioners, and release introduces support for valve position feedback information. New reports and dashboards combine smart positioner feedback with traditional assessments to deliver a complete picture of the health of the valve.

Sr. Product Manager, Steve Obermann says "PlantTriage is well-known for identifying and getting to the root causes of control system performance issues. We have started to see that valve position feedback information is becoming more available in control systems that can communicate with smart field devices. This data permits more accurate diagnostics of valve performance issues. We have introduced 8 new assessments and a problem solver report related to valve positioner performance."

The latest version of PlantTriage also includes advances in cyber security. The use of JAVA has been eliminated, closing down a vector for security attacks. PlantTriage now allows customers simple ways to manage security and system access that are fully integrated with standard machine and domain security management, such as Microsoft Active Directory. The latest software also provides new flexibility in licensing, making it simple to install and manage software licenses in completely virtual environments.

PlantTriage Enterprise servers have received some enhancements as well. Enterprise servers give a single view of the corporation, combining KPIs and results from individual plant sites. In version 13, an Enterprise server can now provide alerts for conditions existing on child server loops and units.

PlantTriage Enterprise users covered under support agreements will receive a notice of upgrade eligibility, and can upgrade the software with a simple load-and-go approach.

For more information:

Steven Obermann, Sr. Product Manager, Tel +1 262 369 7711