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PlantTriage® Version 12

The latest version of PlantTriage makes it easier than ever to get the most value from your control system. With version 12 you get simpler configuration, faster performance, a re-designed user interface, better analytical tools, and a greatly improved tool set for advanced controls. Contact ExperTune today to find out how you can get these new benefits.


PlantTriage version 12 includes tools for self-configuration. Simply connect PlantTriage to your control system's OPC Server, and PlantTriage will do all the configuration work for you. It finds the control loops, configures PlantTriage for them, and starts analyzing your system immediately. When new controls are added to your DCS, PlantTriage starts the analysis and diagnosis right away, with minimal effort on your part.

Tools for Advanced Controls

Now PlantTriage can manage the performance of advanced controls, driving plant profitability even further. PlantTriage connects to your APC/MPC controls, monitors their performance, and reports the results to you in the award-winning PlantTriage browser interface. Now you can see important information about the performance of your advanced controls, including:

  • Effective Controller On-Time
  • Controller Health
  • Time at Constraints
  • CV Health, DV Health, MV Health
  • Oscillation Detection
  • Interaction Mapping for MPC controllers
  • …and much, much more

User Interface Re-Design

We have taken extensive user feedback, and re-designed the PlantTriage user interface. This makes it easier and faster to navigate to the information that you want to see.

Simplified Navigation

You will now find it easier than ever to move around within PlantTriage. A new standard for browser page layout, settings/configuration, and navigation is now in place. The navigation menus have been re-designed to make it easier to get from anywhere to anywhere. Search capabilities have been improved.

We have been particularly attentive to the needs of new users, who may have been overwhelmed by the many choices and features of PlantTriage.

Remembers Your Place

PlantTriage remembers which loop you are working with, and now highlights the key information on every report that you open. This helps you to maintain focus as you work with the many tools in PlantTriage.

More Modern Look and Feel

3-D elements add to the graphical appeal of PlantTriage.

Personalized Newsletter

A personalized newsletter now keeps you informed about your plant. The newsletter focuses specifically on those items of interest to you, based on your role, your unit areas, and your history.

You can now also subscribe to reports delivered in Excel format.

More Analytical Tools

New analytical tools help you to get even more value from PlantTriage. For example, X-Y plots have been integrated into the interaction analysis. As always, you can easily export your results to share with others.

Faster System Performance

We have given PlantTriage a turbo-charged engine. We have re-designed the internal operation of historian, database, assessment calculations, retrieval, and display generation. PlantTriage now performs faster, with greater stability, and greater capacity to add functionality in the future.

Support for PV-Only Loops

You asked for it, and now we have it. We have modified PlantTriage to support the creation of PV-Only Loops. This makes it very simple to add analyzers, stand-alone instruments, weather, and other non-controls information into PlantTriage, and all at a reduced cost.


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