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ProcessApex™ Evaluates Unit Operations

With ProcessApex, you can truly understand your process. Immediately after installing the software, you can see:

  • Yield
  • Energy Cost
  • % Excess Capacity
  • % Energy Savings Possible
  • Total Cost/Ton
  • Much, Much, More

As a process engineer or operations manager, you gain immediate knowledge of your process. ProcessApex automatically diagnoses and identifies improvements, and keeps your process running at its optimum.

ProcessApex delivers meaningful performance metrics and diagnosis.

Real-Time Process Intelligence

ExperTune ProcessApex, provides real-time diagnostics & advice for process unit operations, based on the expert advice of Greg Shinskey and others. This system builds on the success of ExperTune's PlantTriage® system, delivering specific diagnostics, advice, and improvement suggestions for process unit operations. Further, it allows direct benchmark comparisons between unit operations across an entire company. This data drives daily decisions at the plants, as well as high-level decisions such as capital spending at the corporate level.


Compare similar units against each other, and you will immediately have some ideas for improving your plants. With ProcessApex benchmarking comparisons, you can answer questions such as:

  • What is the best efficiency this unit has ever seen?
  • Which heat exchanger has the worst heat transfer rate?
  • What is the best distillation yield in the Company?
  • How much Energy can I save if I add a Moisture Analyzer?
  • Where can I add capacity at the lowest incremental cost?

These benchmarking capabilities greatly simplify process engineering and analysis. But more importantly, results are always updated in Real-Time, so you will know immediately when things change.

  How does ProcessApex work?

ProcessApex gathers real-time data directly from control systems, and from loop-level analysis from PlantTriage. It then develops performance metrics and provides real-time advice for unit operations. ProcessApex automatically determines high-level measures, such as efficiencies, yields, and quality information.

ProcessApex is also aware of the role of each unit operation in the context of the larger process. This allows direct like-for-like benchmarking within and between similar plants. For example, an oil company can compare the performance of atmospheric crude distillation units throughout the entire company.

ExperTune's solution is non-intrusive. We gather real-time data from your existing process, equipment, and controls. Using sophisticated analysis techniques, we turn those mountains of data into focused, prioritized information.

More information is available by calling ExperTune at +1 (262) 369 7711.


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