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Migrate to Metso ExperTune for RSTune / RS Loop Optimizer

Metso ExperTune, the creators of RSTune, is offering migration to our Allen-Bradley Tuner with a year’s worth of world-class tech support. Benefits of Metso ExperTune's Allen-Bradley Tuner:
  • Same look and feel as RSTune - you already know how to use it
  • Created by the developers of RS Loop Optimizer and RSTune (RS Loop Optimizer and RSTune are trademarks of Rockwell)
  • Upgradeable to all other manufacturer's controllers
  • Full 1 year support from the world leader in PID Tuning software
  • Five versions newer than RS Loop Optimizer
  • Metso ExperTune, winner of Control Magazine's readers choice award for 17 straight years
To get your upgrade call:

Chris Strohm
Metso ExperTune
Lake Country Research Center
1020 James Drive, Suite A
Hartland, Wisconsin 53029
Phone 262.369.7711
Fax 262.369.7722
or email:


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