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The Six Myths of Process Control George Buckbee, May–October 2006 WMV 5–7 minutes each
Understanding Process Interactions, Correlation Analysis George Buckbee, March 2006 WMV 7 minutes
Focus On Performance, Reducing Energy Costs George Buckbee, November 2005 WMV 9 minutes
Check Control Loop Basics With a Time Line John Gerry, July 2005 WMV 4 minutes
Removing Interactions John Gerry, March 2005 WMV 6 minutes
Performance Measurement—The Rest of the Story John Gerry, November 2004 WMV 6 minutes
How to Exploit Process Variability Tom Kinney, August 2004 WMV 10 minutes
Are Your Valves Killing You John Gerry, March 2004 WMV 6 minutes
How to Tune for Both Set Point Changes and Upsets John Gerry, December 2003 WMV 5 minutes
How to Control a Process with Long Dead Time John Gerry, October 2003 WMV 8 minutes
How to Manage Your Plant's Performance in Real-Time John Gerry, August 2003 WMV 5 minutes
Which Tuning Method Should You Use? John Gerry, May 2003 WMV 7 minutes
How to Automatically Find a Model of Your Process John Gerry, March 2003 WMV 5 minutes
The Most Important Tuning Parameter John Gerry, Jan 2003 WMV 5 minutes
Eliminate Cycling in Your Plant John Gerry, Dec 2002 WMV 5 minutes
The Fast Way to Tune Slow Loops John Gerry, Oct 2002 WMV 5 minutes
Linearize Your Process—Get Optimal Response at All Production Rates John Gerry, July 2002 WMV 3 minutes
Derivative, The Good, Bad, and Ugly John Gerry, May 2002 WMV 6 minutes
Plant Data You Should Use for Modeling & PID Tuning John Gerry, March 2002 WMV 10 minutes
Consistency Measurement and Control in the Paper Industry George Buckbee, January 2002 WMV 9 minutes
How Filtering Can Help (or Hurt) Your Process John Gerry, January 2002 WMV 7 minutes
How Fast Should I Sample? John Gerry, July 2001 WMV 6 minutes
Loop Stability—The Other Half of the PID Tuning Story John Gerry, June 2001 WMV 4 minutes
Differences In PID Algorithms and Units John Gerry, October 2000, re-recorded July 2002 WMV 4 minutes
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