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ExperTune's Full Library
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The 6 Myths Videos

Don't be fooled by these commonly-held myths. Your process can run better. In fact, by addressing these myths head-on, most plants can see a significant reduction in operating costs.

Each video explores one commonly held myth of process performance. The videos provide practical advice to explode the myth and improve performance at your plant. Take a look and find out how you can improve your plant's performance.

  The 6 Myths:

Myth 1: Tuning is Everything.
   View the Video (5 mins. WMV)

Myth 2: Averages are More Important than Dynamics
   View the Video (7 mins. WMV)

Myth 3: There Isn't Time to Look at Everything
   View the Video (6 mins. WMV)

Myth 4: Each Unit Operation is an Island
   View the Video (5 mins. WMV)

Myth 5: Analog Instruments Can't Deliver Diagnostics
   View the Video (6 mins. WMV)

Myth 6: You Can't Show the Value in Dollars and Cents
   View the Video (6 mins. WMV)

Learn how to document the bottom-line financial benefits of performance supervision. Several methods are shown.


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