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Metso ExperTune presents User-Friendly Enhancements in PlantTriage

The latest version of PlantTriage offers a number of features to improve the user's experience and provide a more fully integrated environment for troubleshooting and problem-solving of Control Performance problems. This includes the addition of X-Y plotting, event marking, active loop tracking and extended interaction mapping.

PlantTriage identifies the root cause of process upsets and the time-shifted relationships among variables. Now, X-Y Plot capability graphically shows the relationship between any two sets of data. This increases process understanding, and provides the foundation for modeling and prediction.

Extended interaction mapping now allows users to explore the correlations between loop Process Variables and Unit Operation Assessments. With this new approach, users can quickly identify the root cause of energy cost increases, production upsets, and quality issues.

With active loop tracking, PlantTriage remembers recent user activities, guiding the user directly to the most interesting information. When dealing with hundreds or thousands of control loops, PlantTriage helps to streamline the thought process to resolve issues. Also, searching for a loop has never been easier; a couple strokes on the keyboard and you can view the full loop name.

Also, in the latest version of PlantTriage, users have the option to email, download, and review reports in Excel or PDF format. An integrated mailbox system allows users to save reports on the PlantTriage server, even if they elect not to receive emails.

Steve Obermann, Manager of Services & Support, states "The great thing about these new features is that they are based directly on feedback from our clients, and the way that they use PlantTriage. These enhancements will be appreciated by our clients. Their analysis with the software will be more direct, more efficient, and more accurate."

Metso ExperTune Introduces Self-Configuring PlantTriage Software

The latest version of Metso ExperTune PlantTriage Software Version 12 is easier than ever to configure. Metso ExperTune has improved upon its patented self-adaptive wizard in the PlantTriage Software. The Self Configuration feature connects to the plant control system's OPC server; finds the list of control loops and their properties, and automatically configures them for continuous monitoring, diagnostics, and improvements.

The immediate advantage of auto configuration is time-saving convenience, reducing the up-front costs of implementation. An additional benefit is that auto-configuration eliminates manual input errors, making installation and maintenance trouble-free.

Steve Obermann, Manager, Services & Support, Automation, says "Our Control Performance Solution includes the best software, world class services, and a proven methodology. Self-configuration builds on our existing capability, saves money, and reduces the risk of errors. With such an efficient installation process, we can more quickly focus on making improvements to our clients' systems."

The use of Self-Configuration tools is included as part of the standard installation of PlantTriage as part of Metso's Control Performance Solution.

The approach used for Self-Configuration can be applied to most any DCS and OPC server. In the current release, MetsoDNA DCS systems and Yokogawa Centum are supported. Plans are in place to support more systems based on customer requests.

Metso receives patent for Root Cause Analysis

The new automated method does not rely on process models which enables major operational benefits across most complex process plants.

The U.S. Patent office has issued a patent for Automated Determination of Root Cause to Metso Automation USA, Inc. The patent was developed by Metso's ExperTune team, and is used in their PlantTriage Control Loop Monitoring software.

The key to assessing a control loop is to locate the original root cause of upsets. The new patented method determines the most likely root cause using a "big data" technique and it eliminates several costly and time-consuming steps in the problem-solving process.

"Our clients see the benefits in energy savings, production increases, and quality improvements. With the proper training and methodology, a single engineer can perform like a large team of engineers," says George Buckbee, General Manager, Automation, and the inventor of record.

Applicable across many various unit operations

The new automated method determines the most likely root cause using a "big data" technique. First, it gathers real-time data from hundreds or thousands of controllers. Then, it looks at correlations between controllers, and especially at the effect of time-shifting on correlations. Since root causes come usually appear as the first in a series of similar events, the software is able to identify the most likely root cause from this combination of correlation and time shift.

Because the new technology does not rely on process models, it is very adaptable, and can be applied across many various unit operations. This is especially important in complex process plants where interactions are complex, and accurate dynamic process models may not be available.

Results of the automated analysis are displayed in a Process Interaction Map. The Process Interaction Map shows the relationship graphically, using bands of color to highlight the strongest correlations. For oscillatory interactions, the PlantTriage software also includes the Oscillation Details Problem-Solver.

The Advantages of Root Cause Analysis Tools:

  • Locates the root cause of routine variation in a manufacturing process
  • Determines the root cause in quality upsets or alarms, as well as, the variation under normal conditions
  • The end-user needs no prior process knowledge: The cause can be determined without physical description of the process
  • Prioritizes a list of likely root causes, displaying it in an easy-to-understand graphic

  • Metso ExperTune PlantTriage software now includes a new capability: Model Predictive Control Monitoring

    Metso's trade press release published on June 4, 2014 at 9:00 EEST

    The new software performs continuous assessments of the performance of Model Predictive Controls (MPC). These assessments are used to diagnose issues with Disturbance Variables (DVs), Controlled Variables (CVs), Manipulated Variables (MVs), and the MPC Controller itself. There are over 100 assessments of performance, which allows a high degree of specificity in the recommended corrective actions. Some of the new metrics include: Effective Controller On-time, Controller Health, Time at Constraints, Model Prediction Error, and Oscillation Detection.

    In addition to a detailed assessment of MPC performance, Version 12 now presents the results in a new, more user-friendly browser interface. In response to client requests, the new interface is completely integrated with Metso ExperTune PlantTriage's traditional monitoring of underlying regulatory control loops, allowing users to drill down directly from MPC monitoring to find root causes that may lie outside the MPC structure itself.

    George Buckbee, General Manager, Automation says, "Our clients wanted a way to improve the performance of the whole control system, from advanced control all the way down to the individual instruments and valves. MPC Monitoring allows us to provide a complete solution, including world-class software and related services, to improve control performance across an entire plant."

    Metso's excellence in the process control together with its PlantTriage software achieves several industry awards

    Metso has been honored with several industry awards recognising the company's excellence in the process control field. The awards include Control magazine's Readers' Choice Award, Automation World's First Team award, and Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Honorable Mention.

    Metso's Control Performance Business Solution helps customers recognize and rectify issues with controls that are causing an economic impact on their operations. The foundation for this service is Metso ExperTune's PlantTriage software

    "Our customers have achieved remarkable process improvements by our service which identifies the root cause of underperforming loops, makes and prioritizes corrective action recommendations and reports progress," says Mikko Keto, President, Services, Metso Automation.

    He continues, "We are strongly expanding our intelligent solution offerings. This builds on the expertise of our people and our world-class software tools which makes us a value-adding business partner for our clients in the pulp and paper, oil and gas, mining and chemical industries."

    Metso ExperTune's PlantTriage software received First Place in the Loop Tuning Software Category for a Control Magazine Readers' Choice Award. In the article, Paul Studebaker, Editor in Chief noted, "Since the founding of our Readers' Choice Awards more than 20 years ago, ExperTune has dominated the category of Loop Tuning Software. The company always places highly in the eyes of process automation professionals, and yet another #1 rank in 2014 affirms their market leadership in this important technology category."

    In addition to the software category, Metso Automation received honorable mentions in the categories of Control Valve, On/Off Valve, Electric Valve Actuator and Pneumatic Valve Actuator. Metso's automation services not only supplies quality valves, but also provide unique efficiency, while addressing the issues of health, safety and environment.

    For the second straight year, the Metso ExperTune team was selected as “Automation World First Team Category Leader” in the category of Loop Tuning Software. Automation World Editorial Staff summed it up best, "As you would expect with any such survey, the major automation suppliers play a dominant role in most of the categories. This is hardly surprising considering their breadth of product offerings, decades of experience supplying the industry, and ever-increasing services programs. Despite this, many smaller suppliers received enough write-in votes to qualify for First Team honors."

    More than 100 product nominations from 58 companies were entered for consideration in the 2014 Engineers' Choice Awards. Control Engineering subscribers voted to identify the products they felt were the most exceptional based on technological advancement, service to the industry, and market impact. PlantTriage V12 by Metso ExperTune will receive an honorable mention in the Software - Diagnostics category.

    Metso ExperTune
    Metso ExperTune's PlantTriage software is the foundation for Metso's Control Performance Business Solution. This customized service program pairs award-winning PlantTriage software with experienced control performance specialists, who collect and analyze real-time performance data, identify the root cause of underperforming loops, make and prioritize corrective action recommendations and report progress. These specialists are trained to recognize the economic value of control improvement so they can focus on the most important issues and report on their impact in business terms.

    Metso announced acquisition of U.S. software company ExperTune Inc beginning of 2013. The combination of ExperTune's products and Metso's services portfolio has strengthened Metso's capability to offer solutions targeted to improving process and business performance.

    Metso is a global supplier of technology and services to customers in the process industries, including mining, construction, pulp and paper, power, and oil and gas. Our 30,000 professionals based in over 50 countries deliver sustainability and profitability to customers worldwide. Expect results.,

    The Automation segment's process automation and flow control solutions meet the growing needs of Metso's customer industries to improve production process efficiency as raw materials and energy sources become scarcer and their costs increase. Our global network of service experts delivers business solutions to our customers that improve their productivity, lower risks and optimize costs.,

    For more information on Metso's ExperTune PlantTriage software:
    George Buckbee, General Manager, Tel +1 262 369 7711

    For more information on Metso's Control Performance Business Solution:
    Adam Melton, Business Manager, Performance Solutions, Metso Automation
    Tel +1 251 625 3434 or +1 251 510 7589


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