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Case Studies
Oil & Gas Industry Case Studies

Oil & Gas Industry Case Studies

Our products have been effectively applied to solve Oil & Gas problems for nearly 20 years. A few examples of these solutions are listed below. Complete copies of the case studies are available for free using the links below.

Better Control-Loop Management Lowers Energy Costs

Control Loop Management Lowers Energy Costs

An Instant Improvement to Distillation

Hydrocarbon Magazine, 2011

A small group of engineers at LyondellBasell generate instant energy savings on a distillation column. This article was published in Hydrocarbon Processing magazine. Find out how PlantTriage pointed this team directly to the major problem on this column, driving steam costs down within just a few hours.

  • Authors: Gilbert Montes & Lothar Lang, Lyondell, and John Mahlstedt, Equistar
  • Format: PDF

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As Published at ISA Expo October 2005

Ras Gas Plant Saves $1 Million / Year

Interaction Detection Using Oscillation Analysis
Inventory and Quality Control Improvements Achieved

Presentation at ISA Expo
Oct 2005
Tom Kinney
pdf, 6 pages
Read the paper now.

Case Study Presented at ExperTune User Conference
Mayan Shah, Ras Gas
April 2007
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As Published in Chemical Processing

"Fastest Start-Up in Company History"

Plant Manager, Borealis

Control Performance Supervision Enhances Revamp
Upgraded ethylene cracker achieves targeted production rates in record time

Article in Chemical Processing
Apr 2008
Mikko Ronka, Borealis
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Petro-Canada Saves $330K with under $100K spent.

Petro-Canada Saves $330K/year,Spending <$100K

Problem: Crude Unit Cycling

A small refinery was suffering from stability problems in the crude unit. Persistent cycling upsets were constraining production capacity. A Model Predictive Control (MPC) System was unable to solve the problem.


Using ExperTune's software, the source of the cycling was quickly traced to a single sticky control valve. Repairing the valve completely eliminated cycling on the unit. The total cost of the solution was less than $100,000.


Elimination of the cycling stabilized the unit, reduced energy demand, and allowed for an incremental production increase. The total effect was more than $330,000 per year in increased profit.

Even More Case Studies

Off-Shore Platform Commissioning

Reduce start-up time, and be more effective.

Article: Identifying KPIs

Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine, June 2005

Valve Maintenance Cost Reduced at Refinery

Simple study saves over $300,000

 Off-Shore Platform Commissioning


Offshore Oil Processing. An offshore oil field is being developed using a Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel (FPSO). This facility is a ship-shaped vessel with integrated oil storage.

The Challenge:

A new 900 foot long ship with oil separators on the ship. The ship hooks up to the oil well, processes and offloads fuel to a tanker. This is a 3 billion dollar project that produces 100,000 barrels per day of oil. It is important to get the most out of this capital investment by getting the ship up and running quickly and out to sea. They did not want tuning to be a bottleneck in getting the ship started up. There is $3 million dollars a day in revenue from this ship.

The Solution:

Petro Canada purchased PID Loop Optimizer software and trained 2 crews in its use.

The Result:

Our software conservatively saved at least 1/2 day of start-up time. It probably saved 3 days of start-up time. 4 hours of start-up time on this vessel is worth at least $500,000.

Profit and loss matrix:

Client Industry Problem Solution Cost Savings
Petro-Canada Off-shore oil processing System start up Software and training at least $500,000

 APC Project on a FCC


A large refining company installed PlantTriage as a pre-cursor to an Advanced process Control project on a Fluidized-Bed Catalytic Cracking Unit.

PlantTriage identifies interactions

The Challenge:

Difficult interactions and oscillations around the FCC unit made it difficult to develop APC models. Without process stability, reactor setpoints must be lowered to maintain stability.

The Solution:

PlantTriage was installed to monitor the system and determine the sources of interaction. With the interactions identified and source of variation eliminated, Reactor setpoints were raised.

The Result:

With reactor setpoints raised, there was a direct savings of over $300,000 annually. In addition, the resulting process stability made it simpler to develop the APC project.

Profit and loss matrix:

Customer Industry Type Problem Solution Cost Savings
Name Witheld Oil refining FCC Stability PlantTriage Software $300,000/year

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