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PlantTriage Pinpoints Root Cause of Oscillations

PlantTriage isolates the root cause of process cycling. Oscillations or cycles come from many different places in the plant and they spread throughout the plant so that much of your operation may be effected.

Contrary to popular belief most oscillations are not from controller tuning. PlantTriage identifies the period, strength and significance of each oscillation in the plant. PlantTriage finds the root cause of an oscillation by looking for other loops that oscillate at the same period. A PlantTriage problem solver report finds the root cause of each oscillation in your plant.

List all oscillation components together to quickly pinpoint oscillation sources. Suppose we want to find the root cause of a ten minute cycle, we simply scroll down the list until we find all the loops that are oscillating at around a ten minute period. Then we take a look at the cause PlantTriage has identified for each oscillation. The root cause of the oscillation will have a high number in the valve or tuning column. Drill down to confirm the diagnosis. A squarish pattern on the PV confirms an oscillation due to a valve problem.

By eliminating oscillations at the root cause you can deliver real savings to your plant in terms of stability, reduced energy consumption, improved quality and many other benefits. Eliminate oscillations and you can make a significant improvement to the bottom line of your plant.

Learn more about how PlantTriage identifies and eliminates swings and oscillations.


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